June 9, 2008 Henriette Weber wrote:

La nouvelle vague de Toothless Tiger

So in the process of relaunching the casa del Toothless Tiger on the web, I have written an manifesto that I believe I work and live by. Anyway before implementing it to the new webpage, I would like you guys to give me some input. (you can get a sneak preview of the new toothless tiger if you ask me nicely)

I really hope that you’ll be able to recognize all of Toothless Tiger in the manifesto, and I hope you will give me feedback if there is something I’m missing.

so here goes :

Toothless Tiger: marketing school of Rock, web and communities

We are firm believers that the business of business is not business anymore.

Toothless Tiger work, live and die by the saying “the business of business is more than business”

We create presence marketing because we believe that marketing today and in the future consist of online/offline presence, and an ability to be where people are – mentally and physically

Our basis for our work is created on curiosity, compassion, questions, people, creativity, development and an ability to change and to spot tendencies faster than the market

Toothless Tiger is remarkably different that normal marketing because we dare to make “personal relations” the essence of our marketing.

We believe that the nature of the web is anarchistic, and the company needs to embrace this nature and live by the premises of the web. The web in essence is rebellic and a huge playground of undiscovered potential for businesses that dare to embrace it and enjoy the chaos.

what do you think ? – is it “Toothless”?

Huge thank to everyone ( especially Mark Wubben) who has helped me come to this short manifesto…

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