July 8, 2008 Henriette Weber wrote:

Survey of my online habits

David tagged me in his online habits survey – so here goes :

What site do you visit first thing in the morning (after your blog)?

Actually I don’t visit my blog first – I think it’s gmail and then possibly some social networking site and 2 – 3 categories in my feedreader. Also I tend to visit greengirlsglobal.com for whom I have been blogging for a good while now. Then my clients sites to start my working hours for the day.

Name a service that you recently discovered and like?

Hm. that would be podcastmachine, actics and IRL- but a little disclaimer is that a couple of friends are working on them (I am working on IRL myself – and I think it’s a brilliant idea). They do have a huge thing in common though: Vision to change the world, awesome. I don’t know if it’s a service but I am really into the 365days group on flickr these days. It my little creative project…

A blog whose design has impressed you?

My very favorite blogdesign (still) is la petite claudine – I simply love her header – and her blog…

A widget that would really help out but which doesn’t exist yet?

I think all kind of practical proximity widgets has a long way to go still. They really have to be convenient for the users though – otherwise I don’t like widgets…

The last 2.0 book that you’ve read?

I am currently reading presentation zen ( the book), and I finished Clay Shirky’s “here comes everybody” back in April – oh and I am terribly happy for my “how to be a rock star freelancer” book.

An online service that you think will become indispensable?

I really hope that actics will come indispensable, or dothegreenthing – basically services that makes you change the world.

A service that should exist because it’s sorely needed?

I don’t know if it’s a service – but a decision making mechanism that can change the world without have 50 politicians agree upon something before there’s action. I think the world really needs that now. Decisions and actions – no more talking. But services that encourage actions are sorely needed. Services that makes people change their everyday patterns for more sustainability are sorely needed.

i think ethical proximity is gonna be huge in the future.

A blogger or net-entrepreneur whose work you admire?

I really admire people on their way up struggling, who succeeds in the end because of hard work. I admire J C Fischer for putting out his book ( he even made a dedication to me in it !!!!) and I truely and utterly admire Laura Kiralfy who is my partner for the inreallife.dk network for her creativity and her ways of action. Otherwise I will say Chris Messina – for his work with both Barcamps and Coworking… rock on guys.

Im passing the survey on to – well Sanjay (who we are interviewing for Geek Army Knife tonight) and to Elmine

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