October 17, 2008 Henriette Weber wrote:

the talk of “Why every company should be a rockband” and shift08

Im back at the hotel after the last day of Shift08 where I did my talk on “why every company should be a rockband”. Im exstatic. People where truely and genuinely happy ( well some weren’t but I guess it’s just like that doing remarkable stuff=)
It has been a great thing to work with and I really enjoy talking about these things. I know I am not inventing the deep plate here for the tech crowd, but it’s good to show and tell. (btw. the slides of the talk is up on slideshare)

One of the thing that really got to me was that there was several of the speeches that I have seen at least one time before live, and some of them also some times on video.

I don’t really get, that when we are talking about geniuneness, remarkability and stuff like this, it’s commonly accepted that some talks are the same as you can see at other conferences?

Is this widely accepted or are we, as socalled “experts” not above that ?

Anyway I can only talk on behalf on myself, if I am talking somewhere I can make sure that the presentation and the examples has not been used before. It’s not that I am inventing something new – but somehow if I get payed for it, I would really like to customize and individualise pretty much everything – the message might be the same… but still I think i owe it to my audience.

Anyway shift08 was awesome. I am happy to be on the side of a team ( as super duper advisor of the conference) that has done wonders for the european tech community. Congratulations team – and especially Pedro…. you really did great, I am truely proud of you =)

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