December 15, 2010 Henriette Weber wrote:

Lessons learned at the Le Web 10 conference in Paris last week

I was so lucky that I got an official blogger pass for the Le Web conference in Paris last week (this was due to my english blog on, and the two danish blogs I run on (about social business) and on (about social media)). Its the second time I went to Le Web, first time was in 2005 when it was called “les blogs 2″. les blogs 2 wasn’t as well-planned or as focused as Le Web this time around – so it was awesome to see that not only was it a great conference, but it had the perfect mix of “all things web” panels, social media, social marketing, branding, experts, startups, creativity, showroom and other great stuff. We’re sending out a newsletter tomorrow with more of the tendencies that are happening down there, and let me just say that it’s not small things. We are totally convinced about what direction we are heading in as a society, as businessworld and as Toothless Tiger. But at Le Web we learned:

1. That there’s no room for weak messages anymore

2. How to do a pitch to Marissa Mayer

3. Thinking big is the way ahead

4. That everytime someone asks us what the ROI of social media is, we say “well naturellement – it’s the same as the ROI of your mother”.. (see the video of the Gary Vaynerchuk Q&A to see what we/he means)

5. That the carindustry is being revolutionized

6. That you, in particular need to go to Le Web if you are a startup.

7. That working in this field ROCKS

8. A lot of other cool stuff and last but not least:

9. That snow basically shuts all of Paris down

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