December 11, 2012 Henriette Weber wrote:

What is the Web of Things ?

This fall has been so incredibly busy for us, in so many ways. It’s christmas time and we’re still running around like mad, doing workshops, giving advice to CEOs on all things digital, mapping out strategies and helping the teams implement them and managing their communities.

Sometimes it feels like that tendencies comes out of nowhere, and while we where busy working the digital for our clients, suddenly web of things where here. Partly manifested at Le Web in Paris (where I was an official blogger) it’s a lifechanging tendency that makes you smarter around yourself and your enviroment. All the important stuff that matters.  What I am really psyched about is that it’s actually driven by consumer products that can literally change the world – both your own, but also contribute to the larger picture.

So what is all the fuzz about ?

Well actually it’s things – hardware such as scales, sleep and activity trackers, solarpanels, cameras, and even plant sensors and termostats that are connected to the internet (either realtime or via USB) and transmits data to it when it’s plugged into a network or your computer.

It sounds simple, but it can actually make your choices smarter and it can make you  do something in order to become more effective. An example ? a solarpanel that charges a battery for a phone, but at the same time you can plug the battery into the computer and it will tell you how much Sun you’ve gathered. Smart. Another example of a website going web of things is the new barcode scanner that ShapeUp Club has added – in addition with their integration with runkeeper. Not web of things but super efficient if you want to well ShapeUp.

In Short:

So web of things is cross platform internet driven devices that makes you choose smarter.  -and I am loving every product launch of it.


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