February 6, 2013 Henriette Weber wrote:

Why brand ambassadors and brand advocacy should be top priority

Why should you get brand ambassadors to advocate your company?

We talk to a lot of people about digital strategies, implementation, planning and social media. A couple of weeks ago we met up with a company that had 40.000 likes on facebook, but they didn’t manage to get anything out of it.

Brand ambassadors are crucial to help you spread your brand in a business niche that you’re targeting. Also it’s important for you to know, that there are people out there who has your back, and send referrals your way because you’re simply awesome. Normally you would talk about your employees as brand ambassadors, but since we are networked company, we don’t have a lot of those.

At Toothless Tiger we work around our brand ambassadors via a smart CRM system (we use contactually.com – but also we really like the idea of advocate hub - when we are a bit more advanced. Tools like these make sure we have our brand ambassadors on our agenda all the time, in the mix of everything else.

We have experienced that they are a key part of your sales and feedback process, because they actually help you spread your brand. Oh heck, we might as well spill the beans – they are the most important part of your sales proces, because they hook you up with other people in a genuine way.

So how do we keep our ambassadors in the loop? well me make sure to follow up with them regularly and we also have tons of coffee and good times with them. We give them a sneakpeak of Toothless Tiger that is mostly unseen from the outside. And we give them free advice on a regular basis. If they see something that’s interesting to our brand they often send us a text message. Oh and another great thing is that we get to be their brand ambassadors too.

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