March 26, 2013 Henriette Weber wrote:

Become a StoryLiver, start storyliving and set your audience on fire

So what does Dave Grohl knows about music? He knows that the musician is the most important(and if you haven’t seen Dave Grohl’s SXSW 2013 keynote – you should watch it here). Seriously this newsletter is not as important as Dave’s message is.

We pride ourselves of being very inspired by music in Toothless Tiger. If we were a rockband we would rage against the machine in spirit – but more like Foo Fighters in operation (doing everything ourselves). And we’re in the same boat as everybody else. We have to inspire you guys to buy our hours otherwise our job is gone. We’re only an enslaved tiger in demand.

Pardon us for sales-y intro, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Well, so much for that…

In this world and most especially in the business world, why is persuasion so tough for some, yet so simple for others? And what can we do to set the audience on fire?

We firmly believe that business owners can engage listeners in a more profound way if they toss company jargon aside and learn to cut the bullsh*t and tell their story. The story they are living: storyliving. The everyday struggle for fame, dollars and more clients. Because of what you believe in as a company. It’s so simple for us, but it’s hard for companies to understand – maybe because it’s so simple. Live something that matters to you- and the audience will follow you.

The key to their hearts is not a compelling story, it’s to live and tell that story 100.000 times so it becomes an integral part of you. You tell it in articles, on video, in interviews. You live it out from different angles and, in the end, it becomes a part of the coolness of your brand.

You don’t only tell the story, but you create content around it consistently. Everyday.

We’ve done it with several huge subjects close to our hearts. Henriette Weber’s “Sorry I don’t do mainstream”, or our “Cut the bullshit” in business. We speak things as it is and we generate 1000 pieces of content around the things we firmly believe.

Yes, we do believe that companies should be more like rockbands. We do believe and preach rockbandism. We make the core values of your business the center of our strategies and we’re not afraid to say what sucks and what rocks in our world.

Storyliving is key to everything these days – but you need to find out what stories you firmly live and believe in.

Yeah, we just simply know how to do this the right way – but, do you ?

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