June 10, 2013 Henriette Weber wrote:

Are you a digitally clueless brand who wants to get LOUD?

Here at Toothless Tiger, there’s a huge difference between getting an idea about a brand direction, and launching the idea succesfully with content and context and champagne and what have you. Some people might call us “loud” on behalf of our clients, but behind the loudness there’s a well-crafted and executed strategy plan, down into the tiniest detail. Most of our clients are companies who are curious about the digital world, but maybe a (tiny) bit dusty and a (tiny) bit clueless around how you use the digital world to enhance and spread your brand.

So how do you go from clueless to not-so-clueless to knowledgeable? Where do you begin this huge process of becoming wiser about the internet?

We would recommend that you begin with listening/observing, what’s happening around your brand. Here’s a couple of pointers for you:

-Do it with Twitter searches, google alerts, pinterest queries or that fancy social media monitoring tool that your boss has invested in, but haven’t quite gotten around to use yet.

-Find out when people are sharing your content.

-If they are not sharing it yet, see what was the latest thing that got a lot of/some likes. If you don’t get any likes, then ask people who you know that are following you on social media, or have signed up for your newsletter, what was the last thing they really enjoyed seeing/reading from you. Most of the times that opens up a waterfall of conversation.

After a couple of weeks/days of this, you will be able to see some patterns that could be one of the content “centers” of your brand.

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