April 2, 2014 Henriette Weber wrote:

Branding case: we REALLY REALLY want to be hip like Mailchimp!

hip like mailchimp branding

We get a lot of requests to help companies out with their branding. Companies whose branding has been left a bit on the dull side while they have been busy building a product. One of our favorite types of companies that often falls into this is the b2b tech companies-who-used-to-be-startups. When they approach us, before we even start work together, before they’ve booked “The really good coffee & work-session” with us, we ask them what kind of brand they want to be – as well as what kind of band they see themselves as right now (for some strange reason, the band thing always makes them sparkle…), and how they see themselves in the future. Anyway they always end up saying something like. “We want to be really hip like mailchimp! We want to be the mailchimp of our industry”.

Yes, we know that mailchimp does a helluva job being hip and cool. The reason for this – is that they are more about communication than anything else. We know, they also have a pretty good product – that we use avidly for our newsletter, but they see their communication through and make it hip and appealing in the small details.

Here’s just some of the things that hip like mailchimp companies do:

- Email address: hip-like-mailchimp companies would NEVER use a “noreply@” email for their newsletter send. Au contraire they would go so far in the opposite direction to use their CEOs email – because conversations simply matter to them. OR something fun. We always get told that people smile when they see that they communicate with us through a “wewillrockyou@toothlesstiger.com” email.

-  They cut to the chase and they include the right call-to-action. They don’t say… hey watch our video  and hopefully you’ll buy our service. They would include a “sign up now” right there in the newsletter.

-  They add value to the newsletter. Not just a gigantic “we create beautiful this and this – buy us”. Instead there’s a tweak and a twist and some shortcuts or some need to know and nice to know information…

- There’s often something not business or pitch related in the mail. Kind of a “peak behind the scenes”. -maybe just a link to the top one favorite article on buzzfeed these days at the office- but something the readers can pass on. Kid snippets.  Bored panda. Viral Nova. Btw. this is our favorite list these days: “Funny first world anarchists rebels” . Something that’s authentic and shows that there’s actually people behind the mail.

Has the hipness of the hip companies turned cheesy? Sometimes you really start to think so. But there’s room for hipness, fun and innovation in every industry. Somebody needs to stand out instead of fitting into business as usual. And that brand stand out is just what might work to catapult your business success in your particular industry. Be the unusual suspect! Conduct business unusual and see your business flourish. =)

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