April 30, 2014 Henriette Weber wrote:

Brand megatrend coming up: Brand activism

brand activism before purpose before profit

We can see something coming up in the brand crystal ball, something that we have been toying around with a lot. Led by our CEO Henriette Weber we are now ready to preach one of the next tendencies and or trend within branding: We have called it brand activism. Brand activism is to take the purpose of your brand to the next level. We have also touched a bit upon it in some previous articles like our thoughts on Ben & Jerry’s.

It’s not “just” a commercial brand anymore with a clearly defined purpose, it’s also about a cause, about fighting for something. Something that’s rebellious and bigger than your brand. Something that people can internalize and get behind. Now, in the beginning when we started to talk about brand activism, we all thought: well isn’t the term “brand activism” kind of rebelling against itself ? Just to put brand and activism in the same sentence can be a contradiction because the word brand is kind of “hipster commercial” and the word “activism” is very rebellious, filled with substance and revolutionary in some ways.  But, we say nay. Brands can learn so much from revolutions and activists:  how to get people moving and believing in a cause and taking action.

We see this as not just purpose before profit. We know that purpose before profit has been around for a while and it will always make perfect sense to us to put your overall mission before the money. But brand activism is more about the people (or if you want it in corporate terms – the stakeholders and how you can activate them, before purpose before profit. It delivers a way for people to get behind and reward the companies they think are doing going good. And not “just” because of their purpose. Because companies who will start to practice this will actually have a way of getting people to back their brand up, as long as the people support their purpose and their communication.

Are you ready for this? Do you want to know more ?

Contact us for a talk at your company, an inspiration session or to know when our next open brand activism event will be.

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