Our goal is to get your brand to exist in conversations between people

At Toothless Tiger we create brand strategy + concepts around the brand of our clients. We do this both online and offline. Even though we are online people at heart, we can’t neglect the fact that 90 % of word-of-mouth happens offline. But the remaining 10% that are happening online are the ones you should nurture and benchmark after. Yessir.

It is important to us that the strategy is tailored to our clients, and that it fits the ressources the they have available for the project.

We see this a bit like crafting a treasure map, and get on a pirate ship together with you to navigate our way to the gold.
But when it comes to this type of work the actual strategy is only about 20% of what we’re doing – the remaining 80% we are saving for where it really counts: the actions required in order to achieve the desired effect on social web and social media as well as offline.

We see a strategy is a continous process, a plan that’s rethought, reevaluated and constantly developing. Always taking tendencies and new business practices into consideration.

Our goal is that you become an active part of what people are talking about – and that’s really the core of branding: what happens when people meet each other and interact? How do you implement the tools to be a proactive player in that conversation ?

Is that it ? Pretty much.

It doesn’t really seem that complicated now does it ? It becomes complicated when you need to find out how to exist in the right conversations and the right people and that’s where we come in.

That’s why you need us to help you with your strategy and help you implement it.

But we can’t do it without you! You are the expert when it comes to your business, which means that a big part of the process, which is needed to tie the project together, is getting to know your business, and getting to know the personalities with the people who are involved. What is it you want ? How much do you want ? And when do you want it ? When the strategy is finished and we’re ready for execution, we make sure that you and your employees have built up the competence that is needed to execute and continue the work it takes to maintain the activities that are in the strategy.

We train and educate you until you’re comfortable carrying out the activities yourself, and even at that time we’re still looking over your shoulder to help you to thrive.

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