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Toothless Tiger Client List

Toothless Tiger Client list:

Webshops + Design companies (b2c): Lithos Natursten, Fashiolista, KAiKU, Legeakademiet, The North Face.

Writing + speaking gigs: Republikken, Aggro Pekuliar, Disruptive Media, IBC kolding, webgrrls, IT-forum midtjylland, Dansk Journalist forbund, Next Berlin,  Le Web,,, social radical innovation, Center for Ledelse, Amino,, Samuraia, Region Sjælland, HusetKBH

Large companies:  Nokia, Falck, Vestforbrænding, Alka Forsikring, AstraZeneca

Venture companies: Polaris Equity

CSR companies: MyC4, The organic company,  Actics,, Social Business Club

Technology companies: Unity Technologies, Worksy, Enalyzer, Koblo, Jaiku,,

Strategic + commercial agencies: eCapacity, Skarp,   Advance

Personal branding:,, Casper Christensen & Frank Hvam

Want to hear more about what we can help you with ? contact Henriette Weber on or on +45 29727515


Henriette Weber of Toothless Tiger was Twingly’s PR spokes person in Denmark for a big launch which also involved PR agencies in Stockholm, London and San Francisco. She went above and beyond and added a lot of value by providing strategic advice during the launch. I would highly recommend her to anyone that need to do social media, PR and strategy in Denmark. Martin Källström, CEO Twingly

Toothless Tiger came highly recommended and were really quick to understand exactly what I needed. They were fast, friendly and fault free. I’m thrilled with the new functionality on our webpage”Oliver Maxwell

Toothless Tiger knows what moves in the world of social media, which my company has had a great advantage of, when we had to develop a campaignsite. The combination of kompetent advice with fast and flexible execution can only make a client happy and satisfied. My warmest recommendations! - Tania Ellis, The Social Business Company

“Henriette Weber knows social media through and through, is passionate about sharing that with others, and does so in a genuine down-to-earth way” - John Markow, Nokia

“Koblo hired Toothless Tiger to help us create our presence marketing strategy. Though we were really good at what we knew we were smart enough to know that we knew nothing about the social media space and how to effectively present ourselves there. Henriette provide a high level of expertise and made a huge contribution to our team” Michael Logue,

“Henriette is a creative, enthusiastic and experienced social web consultant, working on a large number of projects like the now world-famous Jaiku. A great speaker, she is an insightful and easy-going professional that works on helping organizations understand and benefit from the ongoing online revolution.” -Laurent Haug, Lift Conference