The first time we met Toothless Tiger, was at an e-commerce conference where Henriette Weber did a talk about social media.  She knew so many cool words within the industry that we quickly realized that she also had to know a lot about it.

We waited a while to contact her though because we thought it might be overkill to have such a Guru on the sideline when we were just us.

We had a meeting with Toothless Tiger where we spoke about our future ideas and the possibilites with social media and we quickly found out that we couldn’t continue without them.

When you meet Henriette Weber at first you’re thinking “what on earth can I get out of this” , so really you could say that Henriette is kind of like social media herself – because you’re also thinking “what on earth can I get out of this” when you approach it as a company.

But when Henriette started working with us a lot of things happened. We got a strategy about what we should start off with, and which tendencies that were within our field in Denmark and internationally. We got different proposals about what we could start off with. Scenarios on what you could do, which we just had to choose between and integrate in our own world. It took some effort to begin, but it was all gathered in the report so we just needed to get to action mode and begin.

Toothless Tiger made a very big deal about what identity we needed and that it was us who were behind everything we did – everything else will be found out “out there” because of the transparency of social media.

We’re now 9 months in and we have a facebook page with an increasing number of ‘likes’.

We have found out what we need to use social media for.

We have a blog which we use for another type of communication than facebook, and then we have “kloge åge” our text message service – that became a free service because of Henriette, it turned out to be one of the best advice we’d ever received.

Henriette Weber who has helped us is a Zauber Frau within Social media. She lives exactly what she believes in, which makes her so convincing.

There’s no doubt in our minds that we are getting business out of social media, because we took them serious and made them a strategical asset of our company. We can’t directly measure it, but we can directly feel it.

- Ann Riemer Eis and Jane Vestergaard