The really good coffee & work-session

The usual way to find an advisor is to take a coffee and chat meeting about credentials, our business unusual way is to spend the time in a “really good coffee & worksession” to help you to surface insights and get an action plan ready to go.

So instead of a just a coffee and chat where we try to convince you of the value we could bring to your business, we work with you in a mini-worksession to prove it by producing the steps towards achieving the goal.

At the end of a 2 hour mini-worksession you will have a tangible plan and the energy to get started.

We are willing to provide this at a friendly rate.  We think its the best way to spend your and our time to help you get on your way to rockin’ your business.

Give us a call or drop us a mail to book your session and receive our edgy questionnaire so we can start preparing to sharpen you up.