Are you tired of figuring out what the digital business buzzwords are about?


publics peaking workshop guaranteeWe get it. We would also get tired of a boss who where mentioning all the time, that you need to get ahead of the competition. “We need to be agile”, he probably says. “We need to know what the next big thing is in our field, and it’s YOUR job to implement it”. You could decide to read about it on the internet.  You could decide to get a student to try and implement it kinda half-assed. Or you could call us, and we will teach you. In a speech or in a workshop. Public speaking is one of our main métiers.

Here’s an example of our key speaker Henriette Weber talking about her book and idea of Return on Involvement = Return on Investment.

And here are some of our most popular speeches:

Return on involvementEngage and earn more money when you implement social web in companies. Filled with great ideas, cases (both best and worst) and discussions.

Rockbandism or “why every company should be a rockband”a speech about coolness, rockn’roll, personal branding and action.

Are you prepared for change?in today’s business landscape this is probably the biggest competitive advantage. We think you should prepare better, and that’s what we’ll teach you in this talk.

Online identity – good for crowds where people don’t necessarily have the same level of knowledge about the social web. a walk-through of some of the most important pointers such as identity, content, proactivity and social media. an introduction – yes – but what an introduction.

“Everything you didn’t know about the internet” -a speech about how the internet has developed, what it looks like this minute and how you should be using it.

But we also do more how-to and specific workshops. With subjects such as “how to use LinkedIn for lead-generation”, or “ads on instagram and pinterest – how to set it up”.

What our fantastic audience has said:

“It was an exciting talk – I’ve gotten the inspiration to go back and change some things on monday. I got wiser on how we should be communicating, maybe in particular with young people” - Troels Schmitto, Økonomichef in Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund

“Henriette Webers speech was lively and at the same time very professional. filled with great examples and concrete advise to companies that wants to create a strategy for how to use social media. Henriette Weber has some really reasonable points about that social media is something else, and so much more than a cheap advertising platform. I agree with Webers keypoints that it’s basically about the continuity, the anchoring with the management and the courage to turn some parts of the business upside down”
-Brit Tholander. K-gruppen in Dansk Journalistforbund/Bymusen Digital Communication.

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