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August 30, 2011 Henriette Weber wrote:

What I thought was awesome about The Conference

So Henriette and I were at Media Evolutions ‘The Conference’ ( http://mediaevolution.se/theconference/ ) last week, and I thought it would be cool to give you guys the low-down on what was cool and such.  All in all I think it was great, Read more

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August 15, 2011 Henriette Weber wrote:

Spreading yourself too thin, or just branching out?

So I’m one of those people who is kind of good at many different things.  I been around, y’know?  So these things I can do, be it making some films for the web, selling snow to eskimos, consulting people on Read more

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April 27, 2011 Henriette Weber wrote:

Round one – Traditional advertising vs Social Media – FIGHT!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cost of advertising via conventional methods – ie. newspapers, magazines, billboards etc – as opposed to social media. I’ve previously worked with design furniture, where, in the beginning we used to put Read more

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April 29, 2008 Henriette Weber wrote:

the future role for the media companies – aggregator instead of content creator

In FDIHs network group that works around “media and content” we had a very good (not to say excellent) discussion around Chris Anderson’s “free” concept and why it emplies to the media companies in particular. The discussion was facilitated by Read more

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April 28, 2008 Henriette Weber wrote:

PR; Public Relations or Personal Relationship?

I have been in the marketing/PR game for a long while now. And actually during the last couple of years both I and the market has changed… Is there anybody that wants to have a public relation these days? Possibly Read more

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