The Toothless Tiger client list


Here we give you a peak at the Toothless Tiger client list. These are some of our latest/coolest references, and beneath them, there are some cases that you can dig into.

Toothless Tiger Client List

Read here for the full Toothless Tiger client list + recommendations of our work.

kaiku case logo

Brand and Identity development

KAiKU’s brand effect has changed dramatically after we started working with them. Estimate of a 10 – 15 % increase in brand value (not measured though). Toothless Tiger has helped KAiKU over the last year, with making the brand more substantial and involving. Continue reading

the north face case logo

Community management

We made The North Face Store Copenhagen european top 3 in creating involvement and community management as a part of the global “Zipper Act” campaign. Continue reading

Twingly logo

Product launch

We’ve helped Twingly with the launch of in Denmark. Because Twingly is a b2b brand – we decided to go with a very underground and creative feel to the launch. Both in mainstream, on social media and in communities, offline as well as online. Continue reading

legeakademiet case logo

Social media strategy

Legeakademiet put so much action behind the words “educational play” that it can take your breath away. We’ve created a social strategy and several social and digital initiatives for them, ranging from newsletter setup, over social media, to help the develop a text message service known as “Kloge Åge”. Continue reading

husetkbh case photo for Toothless Tiger

Social media strategy + implementation

We were euphoric when Huset KBH approached us and asked us to help them with a digital strategy and implementation of digital initiatives. In addition to that, they booked us for 3 speaking gigs: one – to talk to their employees ; two – to talk to management; and the last one to talk to all the different small businesses, theaters and music festivals that resides in Huset KBH. Continue reading

myc4 case logo

Social Media Training

MyC4 reached out to us because they where nominated as a potential winner of the BBc world challenge. This made them want to involve their surroundings in their work and the way they do business. We trained them in listening on the internet, and accelerate the goodwill that’s already surrounding the brand. Continue reading

falck case logo

Socializing the communication strategy of Falck

We have helped Falck over the years with training of the marketing and branding team, around several different digital subjects and platforms. Also we have helped them add add a social aspect to their communication strategy. Continue reading