KAiKU’s Brand effect has changed dramatically after we started working with them on their Brand and Identity development. Estimate of a 10 – 15 % increase in brand value (not measured though).

Toothless Tiger has helped KAiKU over the last year, with making the brand more substantial and involving. Also Toothless Tiger has created the optimal digital setup to support the new sides of the brand.

It was all summed up in a digital mini strategy and implementation.

The digital mini strategy consisted of:

-Optimization of the identity and the brand profile by socializing KAiKU’s story on social media, blogs, other communities and their own webshop.

- Detailed weekly actionplan and implementation consisting of newsletters, facebookpinteresttwitter, community management and blogger outreach.

- Anchoring locationbased services in and around the physical store in Copenhagen by foursquare and yelp.

 For more input around the case please contact Henriette Weber or KAiKU.

Here’s what KAiKU are saying about our work for them:

Do you want to take strategic action around social media and digital landscape ? Do you want to press the button to move your strategies, your webshop, identity and brand to new levels? then contact our webguru Henriette from Toothless Tiger. She’s a shark when it comes to social media, socializing webshops and facilitating the community around our business. She helped us with our new beautiful website, she taught us how to use pinterest for branding and community purposes. She doesn’t let go until it runs smoothly and these new tools are integrated in your business. We give Toothless Tiger our very best recommendation.

Here’s what we have to say about KAiKU:

It’s always fun for us when we get a client with a lot of potential – digitally speaking. KAiKU is a dream client for us: they have a gigantic potential market out there, both as webshop in danish and english – and they sell products that people love. What’s there not to like ? So what are we most proud of, when it comes to KAiKU ?

Well we are geeks! and just to know that we helped them become the first danish design company on Pinterest, and that they are using it actively to inspire their network of clients and potential clients is something that makes us fall even more in love with KAiKU. Furthermore they have gone from being non-existing social media, branding and marketing wise, to get speaker invitations at digital marketing conferences.

A part from that – both Dorte and Stine has really embraced the digital – and we’re still working together on it, enhancing it on a day to day basis.