We made The North Face Store Copenhagen european top 3 in creating involvement and community management as a part of the global “Zipper Act” campaign.

We helped The North Face Store Copenhagen with Community Management during their Zipper Act Campaign. It was a great experience to work with one of the coolest outdoor brands in the world.
We where hired to create involvement around “the Zipper Act” in Denmark as a part of their pan-european campaign.
We helped them out with community (both online as well as offline) over a time period of 3 months and we took care of it all:
- Content creation
- Partnership outreach for PR
- Involvement with the community
- and making sure that the campaign was a successThe result was that the Copenhagen part of the campaign was in top 3 when it came to create involvement on a pan-european basis.  We where really happy to work with them on this – and so where they: listen to what they are saying in the video below :