Adding a social aspect to Falcks communication strategy

Falck came to us because they needed a social aspect in their communication strategy. They wanted to show the world, both internally and externally that they where ready to create more mash-ups based on technology and create value for their surroundings, by taking the elements they already had, and that people thought was interesting, and translate the content onto social media.

The purpose with the counseling was to dress up the marketing department to make social media tools an integrated part of their communication strategy, and to get the whole marketing department to act and listen to what it was that people on the internet wished from Falck, but also to listen to what people on the internet were saying about them.

The result was to re-arrange and add a bunch of functionalities to their website, but also to get the communication to be more viral.  We also helped out with the translation of an existing book about health into an e-book together with Falck. We made sure it was personal, at eye level and gave a ton of value to the readers.

We still help Falck with counseling around the social web, an important task for us, since the knowledge they have on health, accident prevention and safety has a tremendous value for their surroundings.

“It has been a very inspiring process to work together with Toothless Tiger – They are filled with ideas around interaction on the social web. I have gotten fantastic, concrete and strategic counseling and feedback which has led us to new initiatives that have been launched with great success” - Rikke Damgaard Nielsen – Web manager at Falck Danmark

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