MyC4 is a very special company for us to work with, because they are doing such an important job of helping out Africa -by microfinancing. They came to us because they had been listed as a possible winner of the BBC world challenge, a challenge for companies who where changing the world and making money off it.
Of course they wanted to win the challenge, and they thought that by involving their surroundings in their work and the way they do business, they would have a bigger shot of winning.
Our part of the job was to train the team in listening on the internet and to accelerate the goodwill that is surrounding the brand – a truely fantastic and inspiring way to work because the team knew the importance of the social web and was very curious about how to implement it further and make it a part of their organization – especially on the marketing,branding and identity side.
Myc4 didn’t win the challenge, but they learned that people loved and cared about them in a way that they could ask people anything about them, and even ask them to cocreate things together with them – what a truely inspiring brand.
Here’s what Co-founder Tim Vang have to say about our work with them:
“Toothless Tiger has made a difference for MYC4… No doubt! I am truly inspired by the way they throw themselves into understanding our situation, sorting out what to do next as well as being a vital advisor, keeping us on track.
It had been an interesting journey, because suddenly you are made aware that a ‘discipline’ exists, that is of utmost importance for our company, that we did not master.
We could not have done this alone. Period.
Toothless Tiger is proactive in a sense that they contact you before you know that you need their guidance… Keep up this attitude!”
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