Taking music experiences from fantastic to galore for Copenhagen’s coolest music venue: Huset KBH

You know there’s nothing like rock music to a company called Toothless Tiger and started by a rockn’roll chick in the name of Henriette Weber.

That’s why we were euphoric when Huset KBH approached us and asked us to help them with a digital strategy and implementation of digital initiatives. In addition to that, they booked us for 3 speaking gigs: one – to talk to their employees ;  two  – to talk to management;  and the last one to talk to all the different small businesses, theaters and music festivals that resides in Huset KBH. Creating the strategy and get it implemented with the help of a very dedicated team was so incredibly generous for us. You know sometimes having a huge music venue to QR code and hook up digitally as well as socially and see how the audience reacts to the digital reach-out was nothing short of mind blowing. It has taken the overall experience of Huset KBH to a whole new level  that we’re proud to have participated in and build together with the team. 

Here’s what Huset KBH has said about our work.

Toothless Tiger has helped Huset KBH with a digital strategy and implementation of digital initiatives. Henriette Weber is a true expert in social media, digital tendencies, viral effects – both in the communication and technical aspects of the project. It is clear to us that Henriette is fantastic in creating a viral brand and language, and translates it into a constructive action plan that works across the whole organization – the person in the audience, the user, the unions and the team in Huset KBH. Toothless Tiger gets our best recommendation.